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  • Master degree in Finance, graduated from NKFUST (National First First University of Science and Technology).
  • Used to familiar with mathematics(differential and integration) in the past.
  • Spent a lot of time studing statistics, and also organising data using Matlab.
  • Highly enthusiasm for knowledge no matter on finance(in the past) or information technology
  • Love to share knowldege with others
  • Tend to tell the truth instead of good words
  • Patient with communication and happy to help others

Skills (during job work and self learning)

  • before 2017 (Still NOT an Engineer)
    • VBA
  • before 2019 (Developer)
    • jQuery
    • Python
    • CentOS7
  • before 2021 (Developer)
    • Python
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • RabbitMQ
  • 2022 (Operation Engineer)
    • Zabbix
    • Jenkins
    • Docker
    • ShellScript


  1. GJUN(巨匠電腦)(2016/01-2016/03) : SQL Server 2014
    • In addition to SQL Server, also took part in almost all free basic courses, like C#, Java, Javascript, C++, networking
    • At least, I know how to coding more OOP
  2. III(資策會)(2017/02-2017/08) : Big Data Analysis
    • Programming Language : Java, Python, Javascript
    • Database Knowledge : MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
    • Operating System : CentOS, Ubuntu
    • and a lot.....(Hadoop eco-system, ELK, IOT, R analysis, Data mining, web crawler, ...)
  3. uuu(恆逸教育訓練中心)(2018/05-2018/06) : Network Infrastructure and Networking Service
    • Basic networking concept, at least I know what is sub-networking and CIDR, and how to implement them on local VM.
  4. uuu(恆逸教育訓練中心)(2018/07-2018/10) : RHCE course
    • Basic skill for managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux, ex: manage Host-base Firewall, SELinux, System Permission, and so on.
    • Basic skill for developing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, ex: Writing Shell Scripts, Config for web service and database service, and so on.

Working Experience

  • Since 2020/11, Operation Engineer
    • Deploy and maintain various services using Jenkins
    • Half of services maintain by docker
    • Monitoring system and services' health via zabbix
  • Since 2019/04, Python Developer
    • Monitoring Linux OS: firewalld, process, filesystem, etc
    • Crawler JKB monitoring data into our system for analysis usage
    • Worker order system for company usage
    • Publish jobs via RabbitMQ to our clusters
    • Various API design and coding
    • Assign many coroutine jobs to OS
    • Some front-end jobs using vue
    • Few CI testing
    • Few CD jobs by Jenkins and Drone
    • Few services using docker
  • Since 2017/09, Software Engineer
    • JavaScript and BootStrap for front-end
    • Python Django and Flask for back-end
    • Management our product installed in Ubuntu
    • Discuss with PM what our customer want, design for database. And help back-end and front-end programmer to make API Resource end point.
    • Be a TA to sharing knowledges : almost all the knowledge withing RHCE that I learned from uuu, networking concept, database management permission, and so on.


  • AWS-SAA - 2022/08
    • SAA
  • RedHat-RHCE - 2018/12
    • RHCE
  • RedHat-RHCSA - 2018/11
    • RHCSA
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